Friday, May 12, 2017

Slumber Party

For the end of the school year this year, Kelly and her friends decided to throw a slumber party!

First their parents let them pick out new sleeping bags at TracysDesigns1.  They had fun scrolling through all the new prints in the sleeping bag section and after lots of thought, discussion, and of course giggles, they decided which ones they wanted!

When the night of the slumber party came, they  all snuggled up in their sleeping bags and put on Anne of Green Gables to watch!  It was a fun party!

Friday, April 24, 2015

A day at the beach!

My American girl dolls, Emily, Kit, and Kelly are getting excited that summer is just around the corner.   They've already been trying on their new swimsuits/leotards.  Emily is wearing the purple leotard, Kelly is wearing the Teal leotard, and Kit is wearing the hot pink leotard.  Which one is your favorite?

Now that they've each picked out their swimsuits for this summer, they are begging me to crochet them swimsuit cover-ups, beach bags and flip-flops using this A Day at the Beach crochet pattern!

Included in the crochet pattern is the swimsuit cover-up, beach bag, and flip-flop sandels! Close pictures show below.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Day in Paris

Over the years I've made a list of places I'd like to travel to someday.  It's not a list that's written down anywhere, just a list in my mind of places I'd like to go and things I'd like to see while there.  I'm sure most of us have those dream lists.

Today, my American girl doll Emily has added a location to her dream list.  Can you guess where she's dreaming about?
Okay, kind of obvious, right. lol

Hopping on a pink scooter and driving around Paris does sound like fun.  (Of course, you have to remember which side of the street to stay on, or fun might not be the right word!)   Strolling by the pink Eiffel Tower.   Wait!  What color did I say?  Pink?  That can't be right.  Let's take a closer look.

It is Pink!

I knew Emily was imaginative, I just didn't realize to this extent!  But hey, if you're going to dream, why not dream big!   

Then maybe she'll also get her picture painted standing by the pink Eiffel Tower by the artist that's standing my that lamppost.  

Hmmm... it looks like Emily had fun time dreaming about A Day In Paris, even when she's actually out camping with her family!

If your doll wants to dream about A Day in Paris, while wearing this t-shirt and leggings outfit, it can be found here: A Day in Paris T-Shirt & Leggings

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hang a banner, It's time for an American Girl doll party!

There are so many talented Artisans on Artfire!  Here is a collection I created of a few items that would be great for throwing an American girl doll themed party!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

With warmer spring days now here, the Ice Cream shop is having "1950's days" with a Sock Hop this week!

Emily has been having a lot of fun at the sock hop!

After school on Monday she wore a hot pink poodle skirt with a gray poodle and a white blouse!  She also wore white bobby socks and saddle shoes, but she took the saddle shoes off when the music started.  After all it was a Sock hop, not a shoe hop! lol.

They both had a lot of fun listing to the 1950's music and hearing their parents tell them how to do the "twist" and the "mash potatoes"!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Will it be a white Christmas?

"Oh, no!  The snow is melting!" Kellie yelled to Emily when she walked past the window and saw that the rain was melting the white snow.

"I don't even want to look!" Emily called back.  "I want a white Christmas."

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Last day of School!

Hi Everyone!  It's me Kellie, the 18" American girl doll.  I haven't written on this blog for a long time, but I wanted to get on and share about yesterday's last day of school!  My friends and I had so much fun!

2 hours before the end of the school day, yesterday, our teacher announced that we were having a "end of the school year party" for the rest of the day.  "You can play games and talk with your friends" she said and    then she pulled out a large tray with colorful cupcakes!

After eating the cupcake, Emily and I played a game of UNO!

And guess what!   I won!
Here's a picture of me, laying down the last card on the pile.

Emily leaned back in her desk and moaned,  "Oh, no!  And I only had four cards left.  3 of the cards were blue, and the other was a wild card.  Look"  say said, as she stretched out her hands with the cards in them.

But she was smiling as she said it, so I knew she wasn't really upset.

In fact, she put the cards down, stood up, and gave me a high-five for winning!

When Samantha saw us, she walked over to see who had won.

"Can I play in the next game, too?" Samantha asked.

"Sure!"  Emily and I both said at the same time!

We decide there would be more room if we pushed Emily's desk out of the way and sat on the floor.

I guess we got a little too comfortable, though. Because we all took our shoes off and then our teacher walked by and said "You're not at home, please put your shoes back on."

"Oh well, it was still fun, even if we did have to put our shoes back on! lol."

And Emily won this round!