Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Doll can be enjoyed by all ages

I recently came across a forum where a female was asking if people thought she was too old to still enjoy collecting dolls.

     As a little girl my mom and grandma decorated my room with pretty dolls.  Dolls in full length princess style dresses that sat on my dressers and nightstand.  A doll lamp.  Dolls everywhere.  The kind of dolls that aren't porcelain, yet are not movable at the joints, either.  And I didn't like dolls.  I thought they were boring, and didn't do anything.  I would rather be drawing, sewing, or crocheting. 
     Then came the Cabbage Patch Kids!  My mom bought me one and sent in the adoption papers.  They came back with a birth certificate stating that I was the doll's mommy!  I was hooked!  That doll went everywhere with me.  My mom made me and my doll matching nightgowns, and I was thrilled!  Sadly, I no longer know where that doll is at.
     As a teenage I redesigned my room, and out went the dolls.  I thought I was too old for them, and the doll phase of life was over.  I was wrong!
     Many years later, I had quite a bit of leftover fabrics that I was trying to figure out what to do with them.  The pieces were too big and nice to just throw out.  So, a friend suggested I use it to make some doll clothes.   She told me about the American Girl dolls and let me borrow the one she'd played with when she was a child.  I'd never heard of the dolls before, but was amazed at how cute they are, and at the great quality in which they are made.  I started sewing doll clothes!
     Now I look around my home and have to laugh!  I have the American Girl doll I use as a "model" for my doll clothes, along with some Springfield Collections dolls and some other generic dolls.        ....To think, I started out not liking dolls! LOL!!

So, I've come to the conclusion that dolls can be enjoyed by females of all ages!

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