Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is it Christmas yet?

Big white snowflakes are falling from the sky again.  They're thick and heavy.  Falling fast.  My vehicle has gone from having a light dusting of snow to being being covered, again.

The Christmas tree countdown ticker on the left side of my blog shows 321 days until Christmas.  Yet, with all the snow (already on the ground, and still coming from the sky), it makes me wonder "Is it Christmas?".  I feel like I should see Christmas lights going up, and Christmas music on the radio!  Yes, I know it's normal to have snow in Jan. & Feb., but still, when I think of snow, I think of Christmas.

For those who love the snow and can't wait to build a snowman, make a snow angel, or just get from the house to your car, here are some hats to keep you warm!
Plus, just send me a comment, if you need a size & color that's not listing in my store.  I love custom orders!

Or, are you ready for spring, and need a reminder that it will come again.  The green grass will again be seen.  The rose bushes will being to grow rose buds again.  The weather will warm up.  Here's some dresses to help you keep in mind spring is just around the corner!

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