Saturday, February 5, 2011

You Know you're addicted to Fabric when.......

BEEP...BEEP.....BEEP.... I forced my eyes to open just enough to look at what was making that loud annoying beeping noise this morning.  The green glow from the clock read 4:45am.  Saturday.  Hmmm... temping to turn it off, turn over, and go back to sleep.  But even more tempting...... drum roll please..... a special Only Once A Year Pajama Party Sale at a fabric boutique 45 minutes from my home. What are the sale rules you ask?  Simple, it's only from 6am-9am, and you must be wearing your pajamas to get the sale price.  So, yes, I did the only thing logical for a fabricaholic!  I got up, washed my face, told my eyes they didn't have a choice in staying open, stopped at my mom's house to pick her up, and off we went!

The result:  Many new colors and prints of  Minky Cuddle Fabric!!!

I can hardly wait to start cutting & sewing! The 18" American Girl dolls and their other 18" doll friends will be dressed in style with these wonderfully soft, warm, and fashionable hoodies!  Comming soon (just as soon as I can get them sewn up)!  So be sure to keep checking back to my ebay store and do a search for "Minky" to find all the available colors! 

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