Friday, July 29, 2011

4-H County Fair

When I made plans with a friend earlier this week to go to the county fair on Thursday, I had no idea it would be a day of new adventures!  I thought it would be like most years... eat fair food, walk through the commerical buildings, eat more fair food, walk though the games area and watch people try to win stuffed animals, look at the fair food and think wow that looks really good I wish I wasn't so full, walk though the animal barns, look at the rides, etc.

So, I was taken off guard when we get there and my friend says "Would you go on a helicopter?"  After thinking for a minute I said "Sure!  Sounds like fun."  Now, I don't like heights (I mean, I REALLY DON'T LIKE HEIGHTS), but I do like adventure and I really like to watch the tv show the Amazing Race, so I figured I could try it... once.  After all it couldn't be any worse than flying in a small airplane in Honduras with one propeller that wasn't working correctly, or being flown into a hurricane (and yes, I've experienced both those things).

Now, in case you're wondering, I am not taking about a ride at the fair called "helicopter", I'm referring to a company located next to the fair grounds that give helicopter rides and offers a discounted price during the week of the fair.

So, we walk over there, and the closer we get the more I start thinking "What was I thinking!  I don't want to do this!"  But I had said I would go, and I didn't want to back out on my friend.  I knew she really wanted to try it, and the helicopter company won't fly people unless there's two people flying (unless one person pays the cost of 2 people, because of gas being so expensive I'm guessing.)  So, I didn't state my fears.  I just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

We pay, and they buckle us in.  The buckle goes across your waist (kind of like a car seat belt) and then 2 more straps come over your shoulders and also buckle into the one at your waist.  I wasn't sure if I should feel better about being buckled in so securely, or more nervous that all the buckles were necessary.

The pilot starts the helicopter, and a few minutes later was are lifting from the ground (and I'm realizing there is no turning back now! lol).  Once we reach about 10' in the air I'm thinking, "Okay, that's high enough", lol.  I don't know how high we actually were (and it's probably best I didn't know), but then we started circling the fair grounds property, and it was incredible!  We could see the grandstands, a pond behind the back of the grounds, the tops of trees, it was amazing!

 What surprised me the most how how smoothly the helicopter rode and landed.  I've been on some airplanes that had a smooth landing, but they even seemed rough and bumpy compared to riding and landing in this helicopter.

It was awesome, and I would do it again!

  Have you had an amazing adventure?  I've love to hear about it.  Comment below.

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