Thursday, April 26, 2012

The basic black Leotard!

Basic Black Leotard 18 doll clothes fits American Girl Handmade

The basic black leotard is a must for the 18 inch American girl doll that loves Gymnastics and/or Ballet!

For the 18 inch doll that loves ballet and dreams of one day becoming a prima ballerina, she knows it's going to take lots of hard work and practice.  The basic black leotard will allow your doll to spend the hours and hours of time she needs to practice while still being comfortable, since the leotard is made from a 4-way stretch swimsuit/dancewear fabric!

To add some bright cheeriness to her practice session (or even to add color to a ballet recital) your 18 inch doll can slip on a Neon Green Tutu!

Ballet Dance Tutu 18 inch doll clothes fits American girl Neon Green

Likewise, the 18" doll that loves Gymnastics will also need a comfortable, stretchy leotard that moves along with her as she runs on the vault, or does cartwheels on the floor mats!  Purchase some iron-on rhinestones to add swirls of sparkles to the basic black leotard so your doll will stand out and sparkle at the next gymnastics meet!

*The basic black leotard and neon green tutu are handmade by Tracy's Designs 1.

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