Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Looking forward to the Olympics

American Girl doll Emily is friends with the American girl doll McKenna, and Mckenna has been showing Emily some gymnastic routines!  Emily has been having a lot of fun learning about gymnastics, and now she's looking forward to watching the 2012 Summer Olympics!

Emily says the 2012 Summer Olympics are in less than 100 days and she can hardly wait to watch!  But, more than that, she's now talking about taking more gymnastics classes herself!  Yes, she's dreaming of what if would be like to be an Olympic Gold Medalist!  In the picture above she's wearing a Patriotic USA leotard!

Patriotic USA Leotard 18inch Doll Dlothes fit American Girl Gymnastics

McKenna taught Emily to always stretch before you start any routine, so that you don't pull a muscle. Emily doesn't want to get hurt, so she's paying close attention to what McKenna tells her!

After stretching out, she goes over to the floor mats.  Her favorite part of the floor routines is doing Round-offs!

After the floor routines, she goes to the vault, and then the balance beams!

But her most favorite part of gymnastics is the uneven bars!

Oh, look!  Here she is on the uneven bars.  She's just swung from the low bar to the high bar!

Emily and McKenna will be watching some of the Olympics gymnastic competitions together with their team.!  Will you doll be watching?

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