Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Day in Paris

Over the years I've made a list of places I'd like to travel to someday.  It's not a list that's written down anywhere, just a list in my mind of places I'd like to go and things I'd like to see while there.  I'm sure most of us have those dream lists.

Today, my American girl doll Emily has added a location to her dream list.  Can you guess where she's dreaming about?
Okay, kind of obvious, right. lol

Hopping on a pink scooter and driving around Paris does sound like fun.  (Of course, you have to remember which side of the street to stay on, or fun might not be the right word!)   Strolling by the pink Eiffel Tower.   Wait!  What color did I say?  Pink?  That can't be right.  Let's take a closer look.

It is Pink!

I knew Emily was imaginative, I just didn't realize to this extent!  But hey, if you're going to dream, why not dream big!   

Then maybe she'll also get her picture painted standing by the pink Eiffel Tower by the artist that's standing my that lamppost.  

Hmmm... it looks like Emily had fun time dreaming about A Day In Paris, even when she's actually out camping with her family!

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