Monday, June 28, 2010

From a Doll's prespective

Hi, my name is Kellie!
I am an American Girl Doll!
I want to tell you my story.

My mommy chose for me to have blond hair and emerald greens eyes.  But, I really don't remember to much about my first mommy, other then she tried to give me a hair cut and she gave me little heart tattoos on my leg.

  Then, I was adopted by the mommy I have now!  She is really nice!  She bought me a hairbrush, and tried to clean up my tattooed leg!  I like my hairbrush!  But the tattoo won't come off my leg, so she was going to take me to the American Girl Hospital.  But, I didn't want to go to the hospital.  I cried.  So, mommy said I didn't have to go.  But, she said I could Not have any more tattoos.  That is okay with me!

Now, I am a model!!  It is very fun!  I get to dress up in the clothes mommy sews and she takes pictures of the clothes to sell on ebay and etsy!  Sometimes she makes summer clothes. Sometimes it's winter clothes.  I like it the best when she sews costumes.  They are lots of fun.  Then I get to wear 1950's Poodle Skirts,  pioneer dresses (they look like little house on the prairie!), princess dresses, and once she even made a Bumble Bee costume!   I like being a model!!

And that's my story!!

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