Wednesday, July 14, 2010

From a Doll's Prespective

Hi Everyone, it's me Kellie, the American Girl Doll!
I'm back to tell you what I get to do today!
I'm going to cook.  I have a new apron to wear, and now I want to cook something.  I'm thinking about sugar cookies, or maybe an apple pie.  What do you think I should make?  I have a sweet tooth, so it's got to be something sweet and tasty. :) 
Hmmm..... okay, I think I've decided on the sugar cookies!  They sound really good, and I have my very own new rolling pin to roll the dough out with!  I will use heart cookie cutters!
I'm going to pretend that I'm back in the 1930's and cooking with Kit, because my apron is a retro 1930's style.  It covers the whole front of me, so I don't get flour and eggs on my clothes.  The fabric has pretty butterflies on it, and the bottom is flared and a pretty pink!
There is also a child's apron that matches this apron.  They can be purchased in Tracy's eBay store!

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